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This Old House Part 22 of 63453 – Kitchen / Dining Room Walls and Floors

November 25th, 2008 Comments off

So the walls were finished up Saturday.. I started painting that afternoon and didn’t get it completely finished until Monday sometime.. It is amazing how long it took, but I had to wipe down all the residual dust, then prime, and paint, including the ceilings.. I forgot how much it sucks to paint ceilings.. At least I had a friend come over and help me paint.. I chose a reddish color for the dining room and a subtle grey for the kitchen.. Under the dining room paint I had to put a dark primer and it was the most amazing color.. Sorta a cobalt blue grey.. I think I am going to do the Living room that color when I get to it..

Today the floor guys came and sanded and stained the floors in the Kitchen and Dining room.. They will be back 2 more days to poly the floors with 2 coats and then I can put my cabinets back in.. This project is finally coming to a close.. We-hew!

The Dining Room floor which looks AMAZING if you ask me..

The only damaged or stained area in the Kitchen that didn’t sand out..

Part of the Kitchen, not bad considering it had 4-5 layers of other flooring on it..

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This Old House Part 21 of 63453 – Kitchen / Dining Room Progress

November 12th, 2008 Comments off

There has been some progress on the kitchen and dining room in the last few weeks.. I am already tired of not having a kitchen, and well I’ve lost about 15 lbs.. So the plaster / drywall work is almost done.. The guy will come back this week and put the on finishing touches.. The fact that the walls look sorta normal without huge cracks is helping me to cope with this never ending project..

Walls finally starting to look normal.. This photo isn’t the most recent, but only with the primer sprayed on..

Today the floor guys came and replaced all the damaged boards, which accounted for maybe 1/4 of the floor in the kitchen.. They also installed thresholds under the french doors I installed before I went to Brazil.. They will refinish the floors in a week or so whenever the walls are finished and I have painted the ceilings and walls.. Any thoughts on colors? The kitchen I am going to just leave a white, but the dining room I can’t decide but white is too boring..

Area of hardwood flooring replaced

Once I pulled up all the floor a few weeks ago I noticed that the floor was sagged.. I reinforced one of the joists, and also had to install a floor jack to keep the floor level.. The good thing was since I wasn’t moving a wall or anything I just was able to put my car jack and a 4×4 on the joist and raise it to level (about a 1/2 inch).. So now between my washer and dryer in the basement I have this lovely floor jack..

The jack taking the sag out of the kitchen floor

I also bought all my appliances last week, they will get delivered the 20th.. I think that may be too early now, but we’ll see.. It was nice NC had a sales tax weekend on energy star appliances so I saved around 150 bucks in tax on the fridge and dishwasher..

I still have some electrical stuff to do, and some plumbing, but things are starting to fall into place.. It looks like I have 2-3 more weeks of living with my cabinets in the living room, and all my kitchen food and stuff in the back bedroom..

I also swear I will blog about everything else in my life one of these days.. A lot of stuff has been going on..

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