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GSO has really happened..

August 15th, 2006

Classes started Monday.. I was nervous as hell.. Nervous like I haven’t been in years.. Well I need
not be nervous anymore..

When I showed up at the office in Greensboro to find out where I was going to sit I figured I would get a cube, and that I
had just lost my squatted on office in Raleigh.. Wrong.. I got a window office again.. How the hell do I pull this shit off?

I was then
informed that I could only have that office until we move.. Move where I wondered.. How about 3 miles north of UNCG instead of 20 minutes away out by the
airport? Talk about rad.. The worst thing I thought about moving to Greensboro was going to be the commute to work.. Hell I could ride my bike
there.. Maybe get a scooter.. HBomb I know you read this shit.. How much do you love yours?

I did give up on living in the hood.. I am in love with
Seattle too much to lock myself to Greensboro for more than 4 years (how long it will take Sheila and I to get more degrees).. I found a house yesterday
from 1927.. Cool ass front porch.. All plaster.. Much like the house I loved and grew up in.. Its been owned by the same lady since the 40s.. She hasn’t
screwed it up just not done a whole lot to it.. Anyway.. As soon as I walked in my gut said “You love this place.. This rocks.. This is the kind of house
you are supposed to live in”.. Anyway this house is 50k or more below market value for the neighborhood cause it needs a buncha plaster repair, and
the kitchen and bathroom remodeled.. All stuff I can do.. Well with the exception of refinishing hardwood properly.. So I raced to the credit union today
and got pre approval for a loan and made an offer.. I am about to put my balls to the wall to sell this place in Cary.. Either way this house is 1.5
miles to UNCG, near the GTA bus, and walking distance to a few bars on Battleground.. If you are adventerous its walkable to downtown or bars by UNCG as
well.. Hopefully i’ll get the place.. Its really awesome.. I’m having a moving in kegger! Well maybe not a kegger.. I don’t know that many people in
Greensboro yet.. I could have a pony kegger at least.. Heh..

And then there is school.. I actually enjoyed classes for the first time ever.. I did
the homework.. None of the BS of undergrad.. Maybe i’m more mature now.. Maybe I care this time? Maybe the classes are smaller, maybe its
cause its not freakin’ brick-land NCSU.. Who knows.. But I love it, and I am glad to be back in school.. It will be fun, and I will be the master of
business.. I just won’t conform and get the spiky abercombie look that most of my male classmates seem to be sporting..

Could Greensboro be
working out any better?

Next stop Seattle..

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