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West Coast Part III (of III)

August 13th, 2006

I figured I might need to get the rest of the trip documented before school starts tomorrow.. I’m
pretty nervous about it, but i’ll be aight..

Moving right along..

Here are a few photos from the Sea Ranch.. There was this little chapel
at the Sea Ranch.. The wedding didn’t take place there, but it was quite interesting.. Sheila and I went and took some photos of it.. Its sorta like a hat
or something.. Anyway..

Sheila and I after the wedding.. All dressed up, the pacific behind us.. You can see we are
already priming the hangover from hell..

My rents.. See they finally made

So the food and drink was amazing at the reception as well.. There were 4 or 5 courses.. Sheila and I probabbly drank a few bottles
worth of wine.. One of my cousins and his wife fell down on the second song.. I danced with my mom.. You know.. General wedding tomfoolery.. I got to
meet my new cousins.. Dan was one of them who insisted we call him Bobo.. I met other cousins I never had met before at all.. Jen and her husband

Here is Mike twoard the end of the night, or at least where it gets very
hazy.. Mind you Sheila just pulled out the Tequilla shots.. I think shortly thereafter I asked the bride if she got high (knowing full and well she

So the next day we wake up wondering what has happened, realize we left Dan / Bobo sitting in the grassy field.. We also realize we left
a bottle of wine or two out there and some glasses.. I can see it now.. “Hey mommy.. Whats this?”.. So with the help of Naproxin we drive to San

It takes forever.. CA1 is the worst road to drive on hung over.. Man it was horrible.. I mean its terrible anyway..

So we get
there after what seems like eternity.. Take the car back, drop off all our stuff at Lauras place, and proceed to sleep the rest of the hangover off..

The next day we tool around San Fran with Jon some.. We go to the coast, and Sheila finally touches the Pacific for the first time on the

Then after that we have some brews and get a tour of the coolest
printing place in the world (Lauras old job).. We wimped out of going out that night again.. The next day Laura, Jon, Sheila and I head to a beach
somewhere south of San Fran.. The water was cold as hell and it was windy.. We still got some sun, so I don’t look quite so white..

Jon and Laura..

Jon, Myself and Sheila at a Pacific beach..

So after that we have a few beers back
in town.. Shoot some pool.. Sheila and I burn a buncha brain cells.. I am pretty sure Jebus was there.. Our last day we slept it all away cause of the
previous evening..

We get a ride to the airport, and leave on the redeye back to NC.. We left before the “no liquid” crap started, but it went
into effect for our connection in The City where Fun Goes to Die and Raleigh.. This evil fucking bitch at the airport decided pizza and cookies also were
“gels and liquids”.. Sheila and I were rude as hell to this lady.. In retrospect we were a bit out of line, but her demands were constantly changing..
First its liquids.. Then its toothpaste.. Then its pizza.. Then its a bottle of naproxin (which saved my life after the wedding).. Of couse Sheilas
vicadin was OK cause it had her name on it.. Anyway.. We were pissed.. We get back to raleigh finally after what seems like forever.. Of course cause of
the craziness of the airports that day and barely mising our connection our bags show up about 12 hours later..

All in all it was a crazy and fun
trip.. It was great to see some of my old friends (Jake & Jon), meet some new friends (Laura & Jen), meet new and old family (Cousins (AKA Cuzlos – This
term was created around the time the Tequilla came out at the wedding.. It means cousin..) and what not.. Too many to list, but Jen, Mike and Dan were
really fun)..

Anyway.. I have homework to do.. Classes start tomororw.. Tonight I will eat what may be my last meal at Thai Villa.. Raleigh I will
miss you.. Greensboro starts tomorrow..

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