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I’m a Spartan!

July 20th, 2006

I am registered for classes.. I now have a student ID from a University that actually resembles
me..Until today my most current student ID was from NC Stateback in1997..Complete with normal length hair, and a chin strap
beard.. I just spent 350 bucks on books.. I forgot how much books cost.. Thats only for 6 credit hours too.. Geezz.. So in 3 years if all goes as planned
I will have a shiny new dilpoma that I may actually put on the wall.. My one from state is still in the original envelope it was mailed to me in.. I think
diplomas look better when the aren’t alone..

All I have left to do is activate my uncg.edu internet accounts and i’ll be ready for the fall..

I did learn something very important from my advisor.. If you like Indian food the best place to get authentic Indian food in Greensboro is Cary.. Yeah
you heard me right.. Udupi is where she goes when she wants a taste of real indian food.. I did get a line on some good Thai places that aren’t 90 miles
away in Cary though.. We will see if they can stack up to Thai Villa or Sawasdee..

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