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Snap Yo Finga’s and other Casio Rapmaster Favorites

July 19th, 2006

I need to preface this blog with the fact that most music that is on the radio these days (With the
exception of KNC at least in the triangle) is pretty much garbage..

For some reason Hip Hop has fallen to a level that is amazingly below what was
ever distinguishable as music.. Every other time I log out of myspace I get this jamster ad..

It includes such amazing (musiclly as asll we lyrically) tracks as “Lil Jon – Snap
Yo Fingas”, and “Chamillionare – Ridin’ Dirty”.. I don’t understand what it takes to get signed on a fucking label and make millions.. I mean come on
now.. Lets examine these lyrics..

“Snap Yo Fingas.. [Uninteligible garbage].. You can do it all by yo’ self..”

Yeah.. I mean what the fuck..
And the “music” that goes with it is quite amazing..

That ridin’ dirty song is terrible I heard it on 2 stations at the same time driving home,
probably why I decided to rant about this.. Whatever happened to decent hip hop? Pharcyde, Tribe, KRS-One, I mean come on now.. Is
coming up with decent lyrics that tell a story or something interesing that challenging? I mean is there anything to life other than talkin about
how hard you are compared to your competition..

50 Cent rolls with a fuckin’
casio rapmaster talking about who knows what about how hes some other rapers are “wankstas”.. I mean come on now.. Yeah maybe I had my ghetto pass taken
away a long ass time ago when I left West Charlotte, but I mean what gives.. One day my ears were assaulted by this song that took “screwed and chopped”
to a new level.. Some dude kept saying “Every day i’m hustlin’” and it was just looped over and over again.. WOW! That must have taken months to
come up with.. What amazing life story inspired you to come up with those lyrics.. I guess they are lyrics.. Does 4 words count? I guess “Snap yo’
Fingers” is 3 so yeah..

This has been going on for quite some time now.. Master P made an entire song about the grunts he makes while taking a
crap.. More like taking a shit on all hip hop in general..

I guess I should know better than to flip by G105 and K97.5 when driving home
expecting to hear anything other than trite garbage.. Ugghh…

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