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West Coast Part 1

August 1st, 2006

Sheila and I flew out last Wednesday at the ass crack of dawn from RDU.. Taking my favorite airline
(US Airways) to Seattle.. The flight was as to be expected.. Crappy, long, not sleep inducing (the 1 vicodin didn’t do anything.. waste of time I guess)..
I did get to try out the guys neck pillow next to me, and I am getting two of those puppies before I get on a plane again, it really feel like it is the
trick to sleeping on a plane..

So day one we arrive and stay with Sheilas very kind friend Jen who takes us to Upper Queen Anne to get a good view
of the skyline.. We then go down to Seattle center wander around.. Then we are getting sleepy, so whats the cure for being tired? Alcohol.. Of course..
We started drinking at around 4, my buddy Jake (who I haven’t seen on the west coast since he moved here 10 years ago) shows up at some point, and well
much of the rest of the night is a blur.. We play pool, drink, make merryment and what not..

The view from Upper Queen Anne.. The mountain is out too..

So the next morning
we go and see the “Troll” under the bridge that I have had numerous people tell me we have to see.. The bridge that 99 runs across has this art troll
holding a vw bug.. And well just look at the picture.. Pretty cool..

So then we take the “underground” tour of Seattle.. its a pretty tourist tour of
some underground parts of Seattle.. I did learn a good deal about Seattle.. Who it was named for (Chief Seattle), and about the sewage problems they had
here for some time when it was being founded, etc.. To sum it all up the city raised the streets tfor some reason with the tides and the buildings weren’t
at the same level for a small area of town.. They the city made the building owners make their entrances on the new street level.. It was cool, and we saw
this really trippy parking deck, that I don’t think my photo gives justice..

Part of the “underground”..

The parking deck.. You get the impression at first it is level, but it actually is
angled opposite of the street so it looks like its sunken down in teh back, or like a ship about to crush you.. Both Sheila and I were still starting at
it going “what the fuck” when the light changed and the pedestrians started to keep going..

So Friday we do what we vow to be the last touristy
thing of the trip.. We went to one of my favorite countries.. Canada.. We took the Victoria Clipper up to Victoria, and did the tourist thing there.. We
took a bus to the Butchart Gardens which were absolutely amazing.. I won’t bore you with the details as you can read their website and or Wikipedia Entry.. It was nice to show Sheila Vancouver Island, and the gardens were really
amazing, but it was not worth the money.. The Clipper was expensive, and had the worst food on it.. Nutrigrain bars, and other packaged schlock all
wrapped up together in a basket for 5 bucks.. We passed on the food and just made mimossas with the Champagne and OJ they were selling..

The sunken garden.. One of the colorful gardens..

After being driven around
on a tour bus on what was probably the hottest day since we got here (It almost hit 80F).. Hahahah.. You suckers back in NC must be melting.. I love the
climate here.. I have worn jeans everyday..

I digress.. After the gardens we wander around the more touristsy part and look at the totems that are
everywhere in BC.. I didn’t really get many good pictures cause they were all facing away from the sun in the afternoon and it was hard to not get a
washed out photo.. The colors were amazingly bright, and beautiful..

Sheila at the base of a totem pole..

So Saturday we hung out with Jake and get the best Sushi I have ever
had.. Mind you this is after being stuck in traffic all stinkin day.. After the Sushi we headed back to Jakes place for a short “nap”.. Ha! That didn’t
exactly happen.. We woke up the next day.. This is after killing 2 pitchers in maybe 45 minutes, and then heading to the Sushi place.. If anyone wants a
good suggestion for a sushi place in Seattle i’ll get you the name from Jake.. Man it was great..

So Sunday we tool around, eat breakfast in
Freemont, head to the U District, go to Gasworks park (I forgot my camera, but the view of the city was awesome).. I got a really cool Adidas jacket at
this thrift store.. We say our goodbyes and hop the train to Portland.. We get to portland pretty late walk to downtown NYC style with all our luggage and
get a hotel room at some overpriced hotel.. You know the kind where they charge you for everything? 9.95 for Internet, 24.95 for breakfast, 5.00 for
some old ass expired rolaids in the minibar..

Monday night we stayed at this McMenamins Kennedy School.. I will post pictures later, but its
basicly a brewery, hotel, movie theatre in an old elementary school.. Its cool as hell.. We are staying in “Mrs. Drews Room”.. We had drinks at the Honors
bar, and then the Detention bar.. Mind you this is all walking (or wobbling / stumbling) distance from your hotel room.. Check the Wikipedia Entry.. If anyone comes to Portland this is the place to stay..

Today we are going
to drive to Crater Lake.. Hope everyone back home is doing OK and hasn’t melted yet.. If you want a postcard email me your address and i’ll be sure to
send you one..

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