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Just one more reason I won’t go to Bonnaroo

February 22nd, 2007

Why go to Bonnaroo to see the Flaming Lips when you can see them in Raleigh April 18th? We all know
disco rodeo sucks ass as a venue, but it’s the Flaming Lips.. OK so I remember saying that seeing the Pixies would be awesome regardless of venue but that
show sucked ass cause it was 130 degrees inside.. I think Frank Black was having a heat stroke.. Not quite sure.. Maybe the “rodeo” will have some air
conditioning this time.. Lord i’m breaking into a sweat thinking about that show.. So anyway anyone else interested? Maybe even to offer me and Sheila a
couch/floor to crash on?

E-Tix Link

Hopefully that link works.. if not go to etix and search for flaming lips..

Thanks Caleb for the text message heads up!

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