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This Old House Part 20 of 63453 – Kitchens are highly overrated

October 31st, 2008

OK.. So I am sure many of you have heard from me that I am re-doing my kitchen.. When I mean re-doing.. I mean getting the walls repaired, re-exposing and refinishing the hardwood floors, and installing some new cabinets, keeping some of the old cabinets, getting new appliances, and new counter tops..

When I got back from Brazil my parents helped me take apart my kitchen.. There is literally nothing in there now except for my stove and fridge which need to be out of there by Monday when the wall guy shows up.. It’s crazy.. I am looking at a month of microwave cooking.. I wonder what in the hell I have gotten myself into.. It’s crazy..

I really should be doing other things since it is Halloween and I have no costume yet.. I guess because of that I will keep it brief..

I’ll just leave you all with some photos of the progress for now.. I figure I am either going to loose 20 lbs cause I don’t eat enough, or gain 20 lbs cause I only am eating crap food.. Anyway I’ll leave everyone with photos of how it all went down..

What it used to look like..

My dad and I taking out a one of the cabinets..
More gone
More gone
All the cabinets out.. Oh my..
This is what my kitchen looks like now.. Now I wonder.. What the $@%# have I gotten myself into..
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