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Big Squirrel in my Chimney Part III (Final Thoughts)

December 24th, 2005 Comments off

Well Chompy (as he from now on will be know) is finally out of my house, and burried in the backyard..
I figured it better to recycle him and give him back to the earth than throw him in a landfill where he never would decompose as animal control would have

My theory on Chompys death is now centered around Sly (my cat).. His paws are normally white, but now are a solid grey from fireplace ashes, which were
strewn everywhere.. Slys paws were solid white when this episode started.. I am pretty sure that Chompy got terrorized by Sly on the other side of the
glass, and was trying to escape.. Of course Chompy had no idea that he was protected by a glass door.. At any rate Chompy ended up latching onto the rod
that screen rides on, and hanging there to his death.. He wasn’t really stuck, but just had his jaw locked around the rod.. He could have had some sort of
heart attack or some sort of stress related quick death I can’t imagine him hanging there by choice until he died..

As for removal I was pretty freaked out by hanging dead squirrel so i ended up having to have a friend help me get him down, which I am very thankfull
for.. I can scrape road kill off the road, but the hanging thing really weided me out.. Once he was not hanging in my fireplace the task was easy, and I
had him burried in the backyard within a minutes or two..

Poor little dude..

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Big Squirrel in my Chimney Part II

December 22nd, 2005 Comments off

Last night he came down out of my chimney for a bit, and I tried to get him out.. He wasn’t in shock
so I couldn’t just trap him in a box, he was in fight or flight mode.. I really didn’t want to get into a fight with him.. He eventually leaped back into
the chimney.. Before then I caught this photo of him last night.. Sadly that was the last time I saw him alive..

I now have a dead squirrel in my fireplace I need to remove.. Oh well.. Sorry little guy I wish I could have helped you.. There were a good number of
folks pulling for you..

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Big Squirrel in my Chimney

December 21st, 2005 Comments off

So i come home from lunch with some friends, and I getting myself ready to do my favorite thing in the
world.. Shopping.. As I walk in the door I see something odd on my couch..

It looks to me like mouse shit, which is quite odd (yes thats Sly in the photo).. I can’t think if what the hell would do that and wonder what is in the
house, but dismiss it for a second or two.. At this point I sit down and check my email (yes I am a computer geek).. Nothing exciting.. Then I decide to
walk into the kitchen to get something to drink since my throat has been sore since I caught some kinda cold shit on I *THINK* Friday.. Shot Face maybe?

At this point I am about to get Sly stuffed.. On the left window sil it normally is lined with shot glasses, yet only one is standing.. I wasn’t so
concerned about the pot since the mint had died from lack of water weeks ago.. So now I am really begining to wonder what the hell is going on.. I look
over into my living room and I notice that the fireplace is sitting open..

Of course I never leave it open like that, and then I notice that one of my blinds is severly fucked up..

At this point I start to walk over and fix the blind and see a squirrel run across the house.. Sly doesn’t seem phased, but doesn’t do his instinctive
feline thing and kick some squirrel ass..

At any rate the fucker runs back into the fireplace where I close him in and block it.. I would be glad to let the fucker out if he would ever come down,
but he is hiding somewhere in my chimney..

So I decide to go look outside and see where it has come into my house.. Sure enough the bastard(s) have tried to build a nest in my chimney.. I guess
until I get him outta there I won’t be having anymore fires..

So you can see part of the nest hanging out of my chimney.. What is worse is that chimney is about 40 feet up in the air, so I won’t be cleaning it out by
myself.. I guess I will have to get someone to at least keep an eye on me cleaning that crap up so if I fall I will at least live to be a paraplegic.. And
yes thats my TV antenna if any of you geeks are curious what that shit in the background is..

So now I have a squirrel living im my chimney.. At least I got all my shopping done.. I even went to the fucking mall.. Anyone who gets a present from me
from the mall you better appreciate it.. I don’t go to the mall for many people.. At least I got a Boston Kreme and Medium Coffee from Dunkin Donuts..
MMMmmmm Boston Kreme..

On another good note it looks like I can take C-Tran to work now until I sell my squirrel and mole infested house to someone with 2.5 kids, wife and a
dog.. Really it’s a nice house I swear..

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Photos from Tori and Garrets Party Dec 9th

December 11th, 2005 Comments off

Here are the photos from Tori and Garrets Birthday at Shabashabu..

Here is the link to my Flickr Account for folks that were there that are not my
myspace friends..

If anyone wants originals email me on here and i’ll send it over your way..

This is the 12th Photo.. See Garrets comment below..

Don’t ask me what the fuck is going on with hbombs eye here!

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Carolina Rollergirls Dec 4th Bout Photos

December 5th, 2005 Comments off

Here are my photos from the December 4th Carolina Rollergirls bout..
These came out much better than my photos from November.. Amazing what a faster lens will do..
If anyone wants originals, or wants to suggest a caption post a comment or email me..

Violet Femme showing some love to Shirley Temper

Terrordactyl going ….

down to the ground..

Hearts and Daggers at Intermission

Teflon Donna gets lead jammer!

Terrordactyl scratching and clawing for every point

Uh oh! Who’s that coming! Zella Logosi and the Debutante Brawlers thats who!

Violet Femme and Ms. Fit speeding around the track

Penelope Bruz

Ms Fit passing Concrete Blondie for another point

Terrordactyl getting tossed off the track

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