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I’m a Spartan!

July 20th, 2006 Comments off

I am registered for classes.. I now have a student ID from a University that actually resembles
me..Until today my most current student ID was from NC Stateback in1997..Complete with normal length hair, and a chin strap
beard.. I just spent 350 bucks on books.. I forgot how much books cost.. Thats only for 6 credit hours too.. Geezz.. So in 3 years if all goes as planned
I will have a shiny new dilpoma that I may actually put on the wall.. My one from state is still in the original envelope it was mailed to me in.. I think
diplomas look better when the aren’t alone..

All I have left to do is activate my internet accounts and i’ll be ready for the fall..

I did learn something very important from my advisor.. If you like Indian food the best place to get authentic Indian food in Greensboro is Cary.. Yeah
you heard me right.. Udupi is where she goes when she wants a taste of real indian food.. I did get a line on some good Thai places that aren’t 90 miles
away in Cary though.. We will see if they can stack up to Thai Villa or Sawasdee..

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Snap Yo Finga’s and other Casio Rapmaster Favorites

July 19th, 2006 Comments off

I need to preface this blog with the fact that most music that is on the radio these days (With the
exception of KNC at least in the triangle) is pretty much garbage..

For some reason Hip Hop has fallen to a level that is amazingly below what was
ever distinguishable as music.. Every other time I log out of myspace I get this jamster ad..

It includes such amazing (musiclly as asll we lyrically) tracks as “Lil Jon – Snap
Yo Fingas”, and “Chamillionare – Ridin’ Dirty”.. I don’t understand what it takes to get signed on a fucking label and make millions.. I mean come on
now.. Lets examine these lyrics..

“Snap Yo Fingas.. [Uninteligible garbage].. You can do it all by yo’ self..”

Yeah.. I mean what the fuck..
And the “music” that goes with it is quite amazing..

That ridin’ dirty song is terrible I heard it on 2 stations at the same time driving home,
probably why I decided to rant about this.. Whatever happened to decent hip hop? Pharcyde, Tribe, KRS-One, I mean come on now.. Is
coming up with decent lyrics that tell a story or something interesing that challenging? I mean is there anything to life other than talkin about
how hard you are compared to your competition..

50 Cent rolls with a fuckin’
casio rapmaster talking about who knows what about how hes some other rapers are “wankstas”.. I mean come on now.. Yeah maybe I had my ghetto pass taken
away a long ass time ago when I left West Charlotte, but I mean what gives.. One day my ears were assaulted by this song that took “screwed and chopped”
to a new level.. Some dude kept saying “Every day i’m hustlin’” and it was just looped over and over again.. WOW! That must have taken months to
come up with.. What amazing life story inspired you to come up with those lyrics.. I guess they are lyrics.. Does 4 words count? I guess “Snap yo’
Fingers” is 3 so yeah..

This has been going on for quite some time now.. Master P made an entire song about the grunts he makes while taking a
crap.. More like taking a shit on all hip hop in general..

I guess I should know better than to flip by G105 and K97.5 when driving home
expecting to hear anything other than trite garbage.. Ugghh…

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Slumlordin’ It.. Or Maybe not..

July 16th, 2006 Comments off

So Friday night I go to Greensboro to meet up with Sheila, have dinner go out, etc.. Saturday Sheila
and I are wandering around her neighborhood.. I had been wondering where in the hell I am going to live in Greensboro.. I had originally just assumed I
wouldn’t buy anything and just rent for a bit.. I had pretty much decided that I was only going to get an apartment which would mean I will end having to
take most of my tools and other stuff in Charlotte to ditch with my rents.. So walking down Mendenhall after lunch and I see a crappily xeroxed sign in
the window of College Hill.. House for rent within a mile of UNCG.. 600 a month.. I give the guy a call, and much to my surprise I get the impression that
he is around my age.. He tells me where the house is, and that he is still making repairs on it, but can have place ready by maybe the 1st.. I hop in the
truck and drive across the railroad tracks and to the south side of Lee Street.. This entire neighborhood is pretty hood, but the houses are either
boarded up, or being fixed up.. I get pretty excited drive around, etc.. I do see some scary shit.. Kids sitting on porches doing absolutely nothing but
looking like they are just waiting to get into trouble.. The boarded up houses are a bit scary, but hey no biggie.. I lived on Everett where apparently
people broke into houses (never mine), but I did have a drug related murder a block away.. Never scared me away..

So I get back home.. The fixed
upper houses are selling for around 50k! I mean damn.. Is this my time to become the slum lord I have dreamed of? Most of the houses need some
work, and I would have to get a pretty large construction loan on top of that, but I mean damn.. Take whatever I get from dumping this place in Cary
(Gonna have it ready in a week I bet kids, so please be ready to re-post bulletins and what not to help me sell this place FSBO.. I might even a decent
cash reward to the friend who gets me the resulting sale.. Hint hint..).. I figure I could end up with a monhtly mortgage payment less than what i was
thinking for rent.. Man.. Can I become the semi-overlord of Greensboro and get a few rental properties? Make those fools pay for me to enjoy my
life.. I didn’t see bars on the windows so the area can’t be that bad.. Can it? I mean it looks up and coming.. As long as there are no PCP/Meth
labs next door (especially if they blow up) I will be OK with it..

Anyone.. Anyone.. I know south of Lee is a tad scary, but is that bad? I
am talking the area bound by Aycock on the west, Freeman Mill on the east, Florida on the South and Lee on the North..

Google Map of tha’ Hood

And yeah I am listening to Camp Lo – Luchini.. Heh.. When was the last time anyone heard that..

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I’ve been so caught up

July 11th, 2006 Comments off

in going to school and moving I didn’t even realize it had been over a year since I quit smoking (July
7th, 2005).. 12 or so years of killing myself, and 1 year of being tobacco free.. I don’t miss it, not even the slightest bit.. I am glad that I no longer
am a slave to those fuckers.. I still get shit in the mail from Camel.. Who cares.. I am free!! I am proud myself.. If i set my mind to something I
will make it happen.. So what if I was incoherent for 2 weeks going through the worst withdrawl I have ever experienced in my life? I made it
happen.. Yeah for me! The rest of you smokers who haven’t quit yet.. Think about it? What good does it REALLY do for you?

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Adventures in GSO and Laminate Flooring..

July 10th, 2006 Comments off

So Thursday I finally went out in Greensboro.. It wasn’t quite a complete
throwdown since I had to
be in Charlotte for a meeting Friday morning.. Sheila and I went to the bar on the end of Spring Garden and Mendenhall that I kept saying “Hey.. We gotta
go there.. It looks as crappy as Jackpot.. It might be our new watering hole.. “.. Its called College Hill.. Cool little place.. Jukebox.. Interesting
selections.. Ran into some folks who just made the same move from RDU -> GBO that I sorta had a hunch would appear if we went out in Greensboro.. Sheila
seemed more shocked than I was.. I think everyone had a good time that night, but I felt very hung over the next day.. I am going to blame the taps since
I don’t think we had more than 6 beers the entire night.. To make things worse I took a wrong turn leaving Greensboro that morning, didn’t hit the
Bojangles to hope to settle my belly.. I swore I would never stop at Rotten Ronnies again after the fat extravaganza on the want to Bonnaroo, but the one
in Thomasville had this thing called food I needed to desperatly.. I headed to Charlotte for a meeting for work, ran into a buddy from High School playing
basketball randomly when picking up a lime for my mom at the grocery store, snatched up my dad, and headed back to Cary..

I figured I could get
some slave labor out of my dad.. In fact I did.. I finally got the cabinet installed back in the master bath, ripped out the nasty carpet downstairs and
put in the least expensive (well second least expensive) laminate flooring downstairs.. Its not done, but it looks SOOO much better.. I wish I would have
put it down before.. Its going to make the house loose much of its Hospital or White on White on White theme that I despise so much.. I really think that
I will get some sort of return on the flooring.. After 2 days of enslavement I put my dad on (not in front of) the (2 hour late) Amtrak from NYC to

Step one.. Remove old carpet, and remove nails.. Don’t you
love how the old contractors just used the floor for a paint staging area too? :)

Laminate Underlayment.. This took much longer than expected.. I guess thats why the
stuff with underlayment started at around 2.00 a sq foot..

Where we left
it.. Of course I gotta finish the rest in the next few days..

I figure I am a week behind in getting my house ready to sell.. Good / Interesting
news.. The neighbors across the street are trying to sell their house that is almost the same as mine for a TON of money.. I doubt they will get it, but
if they come close.. Man.. All I gotta say is that if I could pull that kinda cash I am going on that trip to Austrailia..

Regardless getting this
place sold will finally close my chapter of life in Cary.. Seriously anyone know of anyone looking for a house? This is a great place for folks with
kids.. I will probabbly throw my house on Craigs list in a week or two whenever I get most of the major stuff taken care of.. If you know anyone send me a
message on here..

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July 1st, 2006 Comments off

I got my letter today.. I got in..

I have about 25 days now to get my house spiffed up, sold,
packed, and moved for school.. Sheila and I are headin’ out west for 2 weeks just before school starts, so man I got a ton of stuff to do before then..
Know anyone who wants a house in Cary?

Hells yeah! I made it.. Time to pop the cork on the bubbly..

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